Is Crestor Better Than Lipitor Against Cholesterol

Crestor vs Lipitor

A large amount of the people are asking themselves which is better, Crestor vs Lipitor in lowering cholesterol. Although both of these are statins and are very good at lowering cholesterol, there are some major differences. So here are some Crestor vs Lipitor comparisons.

For one thing, you cannot take Lipitor with grapefruit juice. This is not a problem with Crestor. In fact, there are no dietary restrictions with Crestor at all.

Crestor and Lipitor do have very similar side effects, and both have the same warnings and precautionary statements. Neither drug should be taken during pregnancy. Lipitor is highly successful in the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, and certain heart procedures which are done to prevent heart disease while Crestor is not good for this.

While both of these medications are only available in name brand for right now, in the Crestor vs Lipitor comparison, it is probable that Lipitor will be available in generic form since it is a much older medication. Statin drugs often cost $160 or more a month but once the patent on Lipitor expires, it will drop in price by 80%. The patent on Crestor doesn’t expire until 2016. This will greatly reduce the amount of buyers of Crestor.

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A new study was conducted on over a thousand patients, average age 57, who were corornary artery disease patients. Patients were randomly given high doses of either Lipitor or Crestor on a daily basis for two years. At the conclusion of the study, both groups had noticeable reductions in plaque buildup in their arteries. There were also less heart attacks, strokes and angioplasty. The results were a lot better than with a less aggressive approach.

However, it will more than likely be the lowering of the cost of Lipitor once it goes generic that will decide who chooses which drug. Test results are important, but with the financial difficulties people are going through right now, money is a higher consideration. Especially with there being such little differences in how Lipitor vs Crestor works.

Be sure and tell your doctor if you are allergic to either one of these drugs. Also be sure and tell your doctor of any other medications which you are taking, including any over the counter or herbal treatments. Do not take either one of these medications if you have liver or kidney diseases. Be sure and report any side effects to your doctor.

Another important difference between Crestor and Lipitor is that Crestor has been approved as slowing artherosclerosis while Lipitor is not. Also in tests comparing the two medications, Crestor seemed a little more effective than Lipitor. Both were given in exactly the same dosage during the comparison tests.

However, with Lipitor soon to go the generic route, it may gain in popularity over Crestor since it will be the much cheaper drug of the two. So if you are trying to decide about Lipitor vs Crestor, it might be wise go with the cheapest one.

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